Lesson Starter List        A PDF file with 217 lesson Starters.

Bridging the Disconnects        580 Lesson Plans.

Lane County Online Database        A link to 302 lesson plans involving Handhelds.

PalmQuest Lesson Plans        An excellent source for K-12 Lesson Plans.

Lesson Plans from Tony Vincent's Graduate Course

Here are some things you could do with NoviiAnimator besides animate. If you enlarge the images to 320X240 you can do this on the built in Palm Media Player

I've built up entire alphabet templates for both D'nealian and Cursive writing. The teacher could beam over five frame letter templates to the students, and then the students could practice handwriting.

You could also do time exercises. The teacher could beam over 5 clock faces displaying the digital time and the students would be responsible for creating the right clock face.

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